The 80's Called - Regular Fit

The 80's Called - Regular Fit

Comfortable. Washable. Breathable. Durable. Packable...and so much more!

The MOVI hat is no ordinary hat. It can smashed, bent, creased, packed, washed, and still rebound and withstand any and all of your adventures. It will be the most comfortable, versatile, and durable hat you'll ever own. Oh and did we mention it floats?


  • With a slightly taller front panel and bigger in overall circumference, our MOVI Regular hats are perfect for most adults. Prefer a smaller or larger size? Look for our MOVI Junior or XL sizes.
  • Throw in the washing machine then line dry to keep your hat looking and smelling like new for years and years to come.
  • Incredibly lightweight and breathable but still flowing with durability.
  • Our bill is made up of our Pro Density Foam™.  You're able to bend, fold, crease, or shove it into any space for packing, but can then be easily molded to your liking.
  • Our front panel utilizes the perfect balance of our Cushfit Foam™. Its rigid, yet unique open porous features ensure maximum breathability and comfort.
  • Both the bill and front panel can be smashed, creased or rolled - no more worrying about your hat being ruined.  The MOVI hat rebounds to anything you can throw at it.
  • Our Hex Mesh™ on the back of the hat has a sporty appearance that is breathable and durable.
  • Movi Hats love the water as much as you do. Sweat, rain, snow, ice, ocean, lake, river, doesn't matter. They will weather whatever form of water you can soak them in and quickly line dry to look and function like new each and every time.
  • Won't stain or yellow from your sweat like all other hats ever made!
  • Signature Movi Trucker Performance Fit with retro size front crown

Movi - The most CAP-able & comfortable performance hat ever made!


  • MOVI XL - Best Option for Large and X-Large Head Sizes (Larger than normal)
  • MOVI Regular - Best Option for Medium and Large Heads (Average size)
  • MOVI Junior - Best Option For X-Small and Small Heads (Kid and Small Kids)
  • Click here to view a Hat Size Chart

**MOVI is not responsible for any international shipping fees including tariffs, dues, taxes, etc. **


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Not for larger heads

Really nice hat, but sizing recommendations aren't accurate.
My hat size is between 7 5/8 and
7 3/4. According to the faq classic fit should be fine but not the case. If you are towards 7 3/4 don't take a chance like I did. Get an Xl. I had messaged customer service asking for sizing advice and never got an answer. I ended getting an xl in a different design and gave this hat to my wife.

I love it

I love the hat! I had watched the video on YouTube that explains how it’s made and how resilient it is and I was impressed and intrigued but a bit skeptical until my hat arrived.
The material is soft but structured. Absorbs sweat well. It can withstand anything and it’s super comfortable.
It’s been great for running, hiking, wearing to the beach, as well as just wearing all day.
Nice vibrant colors.
Also, it does float.
I brought it on a couple of recent trips, shoving it into my suitcase or backpack, completely smushed and it was totally fine. Looks great and still comfortable. I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that with my other hats.
It’s nice to have a hat you don’t have to be too careful with!
I washed the hat in the machine with cold water on the gentle cycle and hung it to dry and it was good as new.
If anything, the hat’s only gotten more comfortable after a few weeks of wearing and washing.
Sometimes it can be difficult to find a running hat that actually looks good on you because so often they’re unstructured and floppy but this one has a nice shape.
I’ve already gotten several compliments on it and I’ve even bought a couple more as gifts.

Lives up to description: Lightweight, crushable, and floats

I have had this for a few weeks now. It has gone backpacking, travelling and has been dunked while kayaking. It is reasonably light weight, and is super comfortable. Love that I can put it in a bag and not worry about it coming out looking great. Other key features: floats and is washable.

John talamantes

Purchased this beauty last week and it fits perfectly. It doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing a hat because it’s so breathable and comfortable. You have a customer for life. Thank you so much.

Love this hat!!

Lightweight, well-made and will be perfect for running...and not to mention it looks great! Highly recommended!

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