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MOVI Classic Trucker - Black on Black on Black

The MOVI Classic Trucker - Black on Black on Black

The MOVI Trucker hat is no ordinary hat.  It can smashed, bent, creased, packed, washed, and still rebound and withstand any and all of your adventures.  It will be your most comfortable, versatile, and durable hat you'll ever own.  


  • Incredibly lightweight and durable but still flowing with durability. 
  • Our bill is made up of our Pro Density Foam™.  You're able to bend, fold, crease, or shove it into any space for packing or mold it to your liking. 
  • Our front panel utilizes the perfect balance for our Cushfit Foam™. It's rigid, yet it's unique open porous features ensures maximum breathability and comfort.
  • Both the bill and front panel can be smashed, creased or rolled - no more worrying about your hat being ruined.  The MOVI hat rebounds to anything you can throw at it.
  • Our Hex Mesh™ on the back of the hat has a sporty appearance that is breathable and durable.


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